What Clients are Saying

It was a huge benefit and pleasure to work with you!  The very opportunity to have a “coach” and someone on the outside to be in such a supportive role gave tremendous perspective, comfort and confidence.  THANK YOU!  – Michelle G.

You are extraordinarily effective as a coach… My coaching experience promoted action where there was previously inaction and encouraged my actions to be based on thought rather than emotion or impulse. – Kim S.

For me, coaching has been dealing with a large number of subtleties that I allowed to add up and become overwhelming.  Finding and focusing on each of those subtleties and nuances has begun the process of my being a better manager. – Amy B.

In a short time, I noticed visible results. Any leader or business could benefit from her consultation. – M.G.

You have taught me to focus and not get overwhelmed with everything at once. – Jason B.

In my case this process established self confidence. Then Suzan used this confidence as a platform to create a framework to set goals. I achieved the goals we established. She is amazing and I feel so happy with the results of my collaboration with Suzan. – Susan M.

Suzan guided me toward a better understanding of myself and my relationship to my colleagues and work. She gave me ideas on how to build more useful relationships, how to better guide a team, and how to have more power within the context of the position I hold. She was able to match her coaching approach to my personality. – Julia H.

As a result, I am trying to focus more on delegating and be more of a mentor/leader to my staff as opposed to putting myself in the middle of issues and problems in order to solve them. Also I’m trying to focus on personal things in my life that will make me happier. – Rich V.