Twitter: Should you stay or should you go?

You have a Twitter account but you’re thinking about quitting?

If you only have a few (like, 5) followers, you never use it and you don’t think you ever will, then sure, you might want to step out.

BUT – If you’ve used a bit and generated a bit of a following (100+) then you might want to consider sticking around. Twitter can be a powerful tool, connecting you to people you might not otherwise meet.

So — How can you get the most out of your Twitter account without spending a ton of time there?

Here is a short list of what you can do easily and quickly:

  1. Add hashtags with keywords to your posts. Consider identifying a list of 5 or so and then always pull one from that list. So: #smallbusiness…
    WHY: This will categorize your tweets with keywords and increase the ability of being seen by others who do not follow you. (They’ll see you when they search on your keyword.)
  2. Retweet other posts. Twice a week (or more), sign on and retweet a couple posts that resonate with your own work.
    WHY: Tweeting is a social media network. It isn’t just about sharing your own information. It’s also about engaging with others – and Retweeting is a quick and powerful way to engage.
  3. When you get retweeted, say “thank you”.
    WHY: Retweeting is a compliment. Saying thanks helps build the relationship and encourage further retweeting. Plus, it’s polite!
  4. Follow one or two new people every time you sign on. Specifically: select people who work in similar or complimentary industries.
    WHY: You share common audiences. They might tweet something you think is worth retweeting; They might follow you or retweet you back.
  5. Be patient! I guess that doesn’t fall under “easily and quickly” but it when you tie it to the steps above, it does get you results! (hmmm…. there might be a life lesson in there somewhere.)