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  • Constant Contact: How to Delete Multiple Contacts

    If you’ve attended one of my Constant Contact Boot Camps, you may have uploaded 20 fake contacts (which is how we practice uploading large sets of contacts all in one go). Here’s how to remove those fake addresses from your email list: In your Constant Contact account, go to “Contacts” On the left side, you’ll see a […]

  • How to Generate Leads Using Email Marketing

    When you’ve already connected with new leads and you’re looking to actively nurture relationships, email marketing is a great tool! But what about generating new leads? Can you use email marketing for that? At first glance, it seems like the answer is no, but in fact… you can! Here are 5 ways to connect with new leads using email marketing!

  • What Can You Learn From Your Email List?

    Your email list is incredibly valuable! In addition to giving you the ability to connect directly with the people on that list, sending emails to that list can give you important information about your contacts. Here are 3 things you can learn when you send email to your list of customers and prospects: Who opened your […]