Strategy: 5 Cons- of Online Marketing

While constructing your online marketing content, are you concerned about whether your time and efforts will lead to successful business growth? No matter which channels you utilize for your online marketing – Facebook, Twitter, blogging, newsletters – adhering to this set of principles will ensure that you are building your business through your online marketing efforts.

To create a successful online marketing campaign, concentrate on 5 Key Cons- of Online Marketing Content by generating content that is:

  1. Consistent – Set reader expectations by being consistent in your messaging. This means everything from maintaining a regular schedule to writing with a consistent voice. Through your online actions, let them know who you are and what they can expect from you – and then live up to those expectations.
  2. Concentric – Everything you write about should revolve around one common center. Usually, that center is your business and your industry. When you stray off topic, you undermine the focus of your marketing and your message.
  3. Contributing – Contribute to the knowledge your readers seek with high quality content. It is of great value to them and to your industry, and will help you constructively build your online persona, your brand and your business.
  4. Connected – Connect your content to other relevant material on the Web, associating your work and, therefore, your credibility, with other successful businesses.
  5. Concise – Say what you have to say, and then stop.

These 5 Key Cons- of Online Marketing, are a simple set of guidelines that will keep you in tune with your business, your values and, most importantly, your clients.


This article was first published on November 20, 2012 on the SMPSBoston blog. Author & Owner of material: Suzan Czajkowski, MyCommCoach