Social Media: 5 Little Things You Can Do

As a business-owner, there are five little things you can do in your primary social media accounts to help them be complete and effective.

Below is the list of those five little things, along with the impact of each step:

1. Facebook personal page: Make sure your “employer” links directly to your business page.

Why: This makes it easy for viewers to move from your personal page directly to your business page without having to search for it.

How: From your Facebook personal page – Edit profile> Education and Work

2. Facebook business page: Once you have 25 fans, you have the ability to customize your Facebook URL. Do it!!

Why: This gives you an easier, more memorable Facebook link that also reflects your brand!

How: From your Facebook business page – Edit page> Basic Information

3. LinkedIn personal page: Customize the URL to your personal LinkedIn profile

Why: This creates a sense of ownership and personalization to your LinkedIn profile, plus gives you an easy-to-remember link that you can send to people via email, and put on your resume & business cards.

How: From your LinkedIn Personal Page – Edit Profile>Find Public Profile in the blue box & click on edit. On the next page, right column, find the box entitled “Your public profile URL” and click on “customize your public profile URL”

4. LinkedIn business page: Similar to the Facebook setup explained above, make sure that your business listing on your personal page links directly to your business page.

Why: People viewing your profile can view your business page with one click.

How: Build your company page, and then select it as your company when updating your “current position.”

5. Twitter account: If you intend this to be business-oriented, make sure it reflects your brand.

Why: To make the connection between all of your social media accounts clear, obvious, and memorable.

How: Choose a Twitter account name that reflects your business name rather than your personal name.

Together, these five little things make your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts more cohesive, tying them together more effectively and conveying a consistent message across all of them.