LinkedIn: Create a Page for Your Company

Do you own your own business? If so, make sure your Linkedin profile includes a company page for it, providing an overview of your business and a description of your products and services.

How do you know if you already have a business page?
When looking at your profile (in the navigation menu at the top, click on profile):

  • Your company name should be hyperlinked
  • If you have a business logo, it should appear to the right of your business title and company name
  • When you hover over the company name or logo, a window should pop open that provides a brief description of your business. That window should look like this:

 LinkedIn - Business Page Popup

If you do not have that small box indicating that you have a page for your business, no worries! It’s very easy to build a company page.

Here are two things you’ll need to make sure are in place first:

  • You have an email address with a domain that is unique to the company
  • That email address is confirmed for your Linkedin Account**

Once you have that company email address and it is confirmed as part of your Linkedin account, here are the steps for creating your Company Page

  1. In the menu across the top of the LinkedIn page, click on “Companies”
  2. Click on “Add a Company” (upper right corner of page)
  3. Step through the questions to create your page


**To add a new email address to your Linkedin account, do the following:

  • Go to your settings page
  • Click on the account tab (lower left corner of page)
  • Click on “Add & Change email addresses” & follow the instructions from there.