How To Integrate Your Website With Your Social Media

When your small business presence on the internet is made up of different sites (i.e. you have a website and are also on social media) it is important to integrate all of your pages so that the reader can easily move from one to another.

Here is how to integrate your website with your social media:

On your website homepage: Add icons that link directly to each of your social media pages. Make sure the link opens in a new tab or window so that your homepage stays open in the reader’s browser

On each of your social media profiles: Include a link or list a URL that directs the reader to your website homepage.

When posting messages (updates) on each of your social media accounts: Occasionally post a message directing people to your other social media channels: “We are also on Instagram! Find us at @TheCommCoach”

Being in various locations on the web is great. Enabling your reader (aka customer or prospect) to be able to move between those various locations easily is even better!