Don’t Get Boxed In: Read Other Blogs

I make it a point to read the work of other bloggers.

Seeing how often they post reminds me to keep my own blog busy. It also keeps me up to date about what else is going on outside my own little world – which I can easily lose track of when life gets really, really busy.

I like to follow bloggers who write about similar topics to my own.  What is their hot topic this week? In what ways are they (and are they not) staying relevant to their audience? Do I agree with their assertions?

I also follow blogs that are very different from my own – topics that are of interest to me but outside of the scope of my own blog. (For example: I blog about online marketing, but I read about coaching, leadership… and bunny rabbits.)  It helps me think creatively – outside of the box that is my own industry. In what ways are they approaching their topic? Are they presenting material in a way that I haven’t – but could be useful to me?

Hubspot is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs, and this post about Good Copywriting is a fine example of why. I like their voice, their style of blogging, their direct approach – and am rather envious of their whole team of bloggers.

I’m also a big fan of the House Rabbit Network. Through their blog, they have become an authority on a subject that matters to me (and my bun, Simon). Their goals are specific – bunny adoption and good rabbit care – and they are very good at staying tuned in to those topics.

Is there a blog that you tend to read? What is it about that blog that draws you to it again and again?