5 Ways to Fit Social Media Into Your Business Day

Find it difficult to fit Social Media into your day? Here are 5 tips for improving your ability to regularly post for your business:

CHALLENGE: I only remember to post when I’m away from my desk doing something else.
IDEA: Go Mobile! Set up your mobile device to access your social media for your business. That way, when it’s time to post, you don’t have to go running back to your desk.

CHALLENGE: I get half way through the week and then I’ve moved on to other things.
IDEA: Automate. Schedule some of your posts on Sunday night or Monday morning, reducing the number of posts you need to remember to post later that week

CHALLENGE: I run out of material so quickly!
IDEA: Repost the good stuff. If you got a lot of response to a particular post, consider revisiting the topic.

CHALLENGE: Much of what I want to say is already out there.
IDEA: Curate. Post links to the articles and posts that say what you want to say. Just be sure to add your own comments. Why does this topic matter? What about this particular artcle do you like?

CHALLENGE: It’s too much! I can’t keep up with all my accounts.
IDEA: Just pick one or two that you focus on. Stick with the ones that you’re most comfortable with, or where your presence is strongest. Ask your customers which social media they use most often and let that lead you.