5 Stress-Reducing Steps for Marketing Your Business Online

When you think about marketing your business online, do you get a little stressed? Do you worry about whether you’ve done the right things? Or done things right?

Well it’s time to stop worrying. It isn’t going to help your marketing and it certainly isn’t going to help you enjoy owning your business. In fact, it can take the joy right out of it.

So — here are 5 things you can do to take the worry and the stress out of your online marketing:

1. Make a decision about what you will and won’t do — and stick with it… for now.

Identify 1-3 things that you think will the most positive impact and do them. If you haven’t been doing anything up until now, then doing anything will make a difference. If you have been doing something, do what you enjoy and what seems to get a result.

2. Don’t do everything!

One problem with marketing can be the time-suck, so choose to not do everything possible. Identify 1-3 things that you think will the most positive impact and do them. Then stop. There will be time later to change, add and subtract.

3. Don’t do things that you don’t enjoy. 

When we do things we don’t enjoy, we loose momentum, interest and energy. If it does have to happen, maybe someone else should do it. No one said it had to be you! (And if they did, they were wrong!)

4. Measure what you are marketing so that you know if it’s working. 

Marketing isn’t a guessing game, and neither is the measuring. Look at what your sales were before your marketing efforts began, and how they changed after you started. How much of that change can you attribute – directly or indirectly – to the marketing you chose to engage in? Online marketing in particular takes time and patience to have an impact, so give it some time before you judge.

5. When someone says that you should be doing such-and-such for marketing… go back to #1. Stick with your current decision until you have the time, energy and data to make informed decisions.

In other words: Put a little bit of time in up front to decide what you want to do, be specific about what you will & won’t do, and then measure it so you can see the impact of your choices. Go back to analyze, reevaluate and make changes only when you have time and can do so with the attention that you set it up with from the start. No stress needed!