Twitter: 7 Best Practices

As you start to get the hang of Twitter, here are some ways that you can improve how you use the platform:

  1. Complete your profile.A complete profile – including a headshot or logo – indicates an active account. It also helps others know who you are as they decide whether to follow you or connect with you. HINT: In the space provided for your bio, include any other Twitter handles you are related to (example: mine includes @ConstantContact).
  1. Share content that will serve your audience. Talk about your industry and address frequently asked questions, in addition to talking about the services and products you provide.
  1. Repeat your tweet.A tweet has a half-life of about 20 minutes, so reposting it will increase your chances of being seen.
  1. Build relationshipsby connecting with others by replying directly to others. Say “thank you” for retweets, comment on other tweets, and ask questions.
  1. Take it offline.Connecting with people via Twitter is just the beginning. Tweets carry more weight when you take it offline and match a face to a handle. Plus having a conversation in real life is where the relationship grows. You never know who you’re talking to until you meet them and find out.
  1. Keep hashtags & handles under control.Limit it to no more than 2-3 hashtags and 2 handles in any one post. Twitter statistics indicate that Tweets with 2 or fewer hashtags are retweeted more often than those with 3 or more.
  1. Most importantly: Measure your impact! Visit to see what your Twitter activity looks like and get ideas for what you can do to make it better!