Incorporate Social Media Gradually

Have you ever noticed that change is easier if you do it gradually? Step-by-step rather than all-at-once helps prevent that out-of-control feeling. Make one change; adjust. Make the next change; adjust. Not only do you eventually make it through the entire change process with less drama… the chances of your changes being successful increase, plus you learn how to manage the experience of change in your life by repeating it over and over in a less intimidating way.

Keep that in mind when you decide to incorporate social media into your overall marketing plan. There is no need to start out with a bunch of different accounts that you then need to learn how to manage all at once. Instead, why not just create the one account that you think is the best one for your business? Or the one social media you’re most interested in? Perhaps you can ask your clients which social media they prefer to use and start there.

However you decide which one to go with, the point is this: Don’t do everything at once. Pick just one and start there. In the end you’ll find that this makes jumping into social media marketing a simpler process, less overwhelming, easier to manage and a lot less work.