5 Effective Ways to Link Your Website to Your Social Media

Does your website include social media icons so that readers can connect with you beyond your website? How professional is the link between your webpage and your social media? Having them linked efficiently and set up properly for your business can improve the execution of your marketing strategy and your overall marketing message.

Here are five key actions you can take to connect your website to your social media effectively and professionally:

  • Use business-oriented social media pages as much as possible. In Facebook, do set up a business page, which will provide you with special features you’ll find useful for your business. It will also show up more professionally to the reader. If you use Pinterest or Instagram, make sure you set them up professionally with your business in mind. Mixing your personal & business social media can be bad for business!
  • Keep your webpage open: When someone clicks on your social media icon, make sure a new window or new tab opens up for that social media page. That way, your reader still has your website open on their desktop.
  • Don’t include social media that you are not using. If you do, you are encouraging readers to connect with you in a place where they won’t find you. Better to stay focused on where you are than to distribute the attention and lead someone astray.
  • Location, location, location: Social media icons should be on your home page, and your contact page – and on every single other page if possible. (Putting them in the header or footer makes this easy.) In addition to providing easy access to the icons, this tells your reader that social media is not an add-on for your website; it is everywhere because it is an intricate part of your online presence.
  • Check, 1, 2, 3… Even if those connections have been up there for awhile, click on them yourself every now and then to check and make sure they are still working. This is your marketing system; Whether or not it works is a matter of business!