3 Quick Updates to Bring Your Online Presence into the New Year

Now that we are officially into the New Year, it’s time to do a quick check: Is your online marketing presence up to date?

Here are 3 quick actions to take right now:


  • Update the copyright date in the footer.
  • What? No copyright date? Time to put one there and protect your content!

Email Marketing:

  • Change the year in the date at the top of your email template
  • Does the footer of your message include a copyright date? Make sure to update that one too!

Social Media:

  • Did you change any of your headers or opening messages to have holiday themes? Make sure to change them back to messages that reflect business-as-usual!
  • While you’re there… If you’ve created your online marketing presence gradually over a number of years, it’s very likely that there are a lot of inconsistencies between the sites you’ve been on for ages and the ones you’ve only recently signed onto. Take this time to go back and make sure that how you describe your business and what you offer is consistent across all of your social media accounts.

This is a great brief checklist to return to at the start of every year. Mark your calendar for next year so you don’t have to worry about remembering!